Latest TALK Series presentation

Latest TALK Series presentation

The latest in our popular TALK Series. Specially put together and presented by former Tranmere and Everton star Derek Mountfield, this is a very useful training opportunity for all coaches – don’t miss out. Further details:
Brief: FUNdamentals of Movement (FoM) focus on the introduction and development of Agility, Balance and Coordination as the building blocks for future complex skills

Agility : Is the ability of the body to change direction and stop/start quickly and accurately while maintaining balance.
Looking at linear and lateral movement patterns, development of foot speed,

Balance: Importance of understanding of your Centre of gravity, allowing control of body whilst in motion and being static. Moving from a static start

Coordination: Is the skilful and balanced movement of various body parts to produce an action and generate force. It can be internal (touching your nose, throwing a cricket ball) or external (hitting a tennis ball).

This will be a very practical session, so please come prepared with the correct kit and rehydration fluid.

It is aimed at coaches, both experienced and developing.
The session can be used to demonstrate how to use FoM in a sports specific setting if requested. For further information and to reserve your place contact: Dave Simmonds at Wirral Council Sports Development Team
0151 666 4165 or 07876 577187 or email: