Bursary Awards

Providing financial help to young Wirral sports people to achieve their sporting goals

About the Sports Forum Bursary Award Scheme

The Wirral Sports Forum provides a voice for local sports clubs, associations and leagues on Wirral. Supported by Wirral Council, the Forum acts as a unique networking hub to assess the sporting needs of the area and provide help and advice on a range of subjects including Clubmark accreditation and sports promotion. The Forum exists to help promote and, where possible, support Wirral’s developing sporting talent. Part of this contribution is to raise funds for a unique bursary scheme.

The Forum annually announces to its members the opportunity of applying for a sports bursary that will provide financial help to young sports people to achieve their sporting goals.

“Joining the Wirral Sports Forum allows Clubs the opportunity to apply for our sports bursaries.”

The 2020 Bursary awards ceremony was due to take place at Wallasey Town Hall on April 29th where presentations were  to be made by the Mayor of Wirral. Sadly, due to the Coronavirus incident, this award ceremony  had to be postponed. 

Chair of the Forum Ronan Kearney commented “The annual Wirral Sports Awards significantly contributes to our bursary scheme. I would encourage all Wirral’s sports Clubs and Association representatives to join the Forum. Joining the Wirral Sports Forum allows Clubs the opportunity to apply for our sports bursaries.”

With the current Covid 19 situation our Sports Bursary Awards have been put on hold. Any previous applications received will be reviewed and considered as the situation becomes more clear.

So how do I apply for a bursary?

Applications for Wirral Sports Forum bursaries can be made between January and the end of March each year. Details of dates will be published at the time. For 2020 the applications will remain open until April 29th. This is due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Application  forms can be downloaded below.

Please complete the form for the individual you would like a bursary for and send this in online to:


Apply for bursary

Bursary Applications for 2020** have now closed

** Please Note - Due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation the 2020 AND 2021 Bursary Award Scheme remains on hold. Existing applicants will be contacted as soon as reasonably possible with a decision.