What we stand for.



Sue is Vice Chair of WSF.   “I aim to encourage everyone to participate in sport both recreationally, for health and well-being, but also at the highest level of achievement. I am a former national level High Diver who now specialises in Trampolining as a Judge, Judge Tutor and NW Trampoline Judging Secretary. I am author of the book Trampolining (Know the Game).”

dave simmonds

Dave has been Secretary of Wirral Sports Forum for the past 5 years and been involved with the Sports Forum and form Sports Council for over 15 years.

“I am currently employed by Wirral Council and have worked with Wirral Sports Development for over 20 years in various positions. I am a keen sportsman and currently compete competitively in half and full Marathons.”

Information about the Wirral Sports Forum can be found in our Constitution which is detailed below.


  1. Name
    The Forum shall be called the Wirral Sports Forum, hereinafter called the ‘Forum’.
  2. Aims and Objectives
    i) To provide a forum for Local Sports Clubs in the Wirral area.
    ii) To assess the sporting needs of the Wirral area and to provide help and advice when catering for those needs.
    iii) To co-operate with Wirral Council and other local bodies in the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Forum and to advise the Wirral Council on the collective opinions of local sporting interests.
    iv) To promote the benefits of Clubmark accreditation to Local Sports Clubs.
    v) To represent the Forum at the Merseyside Sports Council and other committees that may be established
    vi) To promote participation in sport amongst all sections of the local community.
    vii) To receive and consider reports and recommendations from other organisations on any matters concerning the interests of the sporting community, and to take such action as they may deem necessary.
    viii) To assist in the organisation of special sports events.
  3. Membership
    i) Any Club or voluntary organisation registered with the Forum can nominate one (1) representative or nominee. Each member club or member organisation has one (1) vote.
    ii) Three Councillors should be nominated/ invited by Wirral Council to serve on the Forum for a period of one year.
    iii) Not more than two (2) co-opted members shall be appointed by the Forum on such terms as may be decided from time to time.
  4. Officers
    The Officers of the Forum, who shall serve in an honorary capacity, shall be the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary, all of whom would be elected and serve for a period of 1 year.

6. Meetings
i) The Forum shall meet not less than 3 times a year plus one meeting, which shall be the Annual Meeting.
ii) Additionally, the Forum shall meet as necessary:-
a) by order of the Chairperson
b) on receipt, by the Secretary, of a requisition signed by not less than twelve (12) registered members.
iii) The agenda for the Annual General Meeting will include the following:-
a) Chairpersons report for the year on the Forum’s activities.
b) Treasurer’s report.
c) Election of Officers.
iv) Items for the agenda must be submitted to the Secretary not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.
v) Minutes of all meetings of the Forum shall be kept by the Secretary.

7. Sub-Committee
The Forum shall have the power to appoint sub-committees from time to time, as necessary.

8. Alterations to the Constitution
i) Twenty-one (21) days’ notice will be given to all members of the Annual Meeting and of any alterations to the Constitution to be proposed thereat.
ii) Notice of proposed alterations to the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to reach the Secretary not less than four (4) weeks before the date of the Annual Meeting or of any Extra-ordinary Meeting called for that purpose.
iii) Changes to the Constitution must be agreed by a 2/3 majority of members present at the AGM/EGM.
The AGM must have a minimum of 10 attendees to be quorate.

9. Dissolution
A resolution to dissolve the Wirral Sports Forum can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority vote of the membership.

In the event of dissolution, any assets of the Wirral Sports Forum that remain will be distributed to groups with similar objectives to the Forum.

10. Interpretation of the Constitution
The interpretation of this Constitution shall be solely a matter for the Forum.
Their decision will be final